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About us

We are a community of Catholic parents who, after the death of our children, united in faith to seek God’s comfort, hope and wisdom.

Pieta started in early 2016, when 4 parents came together to acknowledge the role our Catholic faith played in restoring our lives after the death of our children. We believe that God never abandoned us. Instead He continued to enfold each one in love. Searching together in faith and prayer, we found new meaning in the gift of life.

We know that in our despair it is difficult to see God’s hand of love and compassion. In our confusion and disparate feelings of anger, regret, guilt and hopelessness, we cannot accept the tragedy of our loss but we can ask for the grace to be sustained by our faith and hope in Christ Jesus. 

In prayer and in the silence of our hearts we begin to hear and see the Lord’s presence in our lives. Together we accompany each other on this journey of faith and experience the peace which only Christ can give.

Our spiritual director is Good Shepherd Sister Elizabeth Lim who brings with her a wealth of experience having established and run the Good Shepherd Oasis since 1998. 

Pieta is an association overseen by Catholic Family Life in Singapore. It was founded on 22 September 2016.


To provide solace and spiritual support to bereaved parents and to facilitate a real encounter with God, through the WORD MADE FLESH.


To encourage time of pondering” so as to enhance the eyes to see and to believe in this great mystery with which we have been blessed with.



That bereaved parents will, through God’s grace, be drawn closer to God as together on this pilgrim journey we experience a new creation.

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About our logo


The Pieta logo illustrates the love and loss of Mother Mary as she tenderly cradles her son Jesus when he is taken down from the cross. 


The composition is based on Michelangelo’s famous sculpture Pieta, where he carved Mother Mary in graceful acceptance of her son’s death despite its tragic circumstances.   


The word “Pieta” (pity or sorrow) expresses the despair bereaved parents feel when their child dies. The letters of the word sit on a simple, solid block, reflecting the group’s mission of providing strength and courage to parents in their time of need. 


The central image of Jesus’ lifeless body in black silhouette powerfully tells of the frailty and finality of death. 


In contrast, his mother’s image, cradling him in one hand and the other in surrender, tells of her faithful submission to God’s will.   


Her image in the background also tells of how, as a mother, Mary has always been quietly supporting her son in his ministry.  


The images could be interpreted as a parent holding his/her child, or God/Mother Mary holding the parent in his/her sorrow, or even God/Mother Mary holding their child and feeling the same sorrow.  


There are no facial expressions etched in the composition to allow parents to bring their own personal responses to the rendering, especially when responses can change over time. 


The colour Black is the total darkness parents feel in our loss. The White is the divine light that comes in God's embrace. 


Design courtesy of Roseline Tan. 

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