Our Monthly PIETA Sessions

Gathering in prayer


“Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who leads us in our faith and brings it to perfection” ~ Hebrews 12:2


Faith is the basis of Pieta’s vocation. We are available to any parent who has experienced the death of their child, no matter at what age or circumstance.  It does not matter how recent or how long ago.  You are welcome to participate in finding peace and new hope as we gather together each time.

“My own peace I give you …” ~ John 14:27

When we meet, we pray together, share our thoughts and break open the WORD of GOD together. Scripture and the various forms of prayer and spiritual exercises can bring us wisdom and consolation, and revitalise us to the fullness of life. In the silence of our hearts we begin to hear and see God’s presence in our lives.


Together we accompany each other on this journey of faith to experience the peace only Christ can give.

Schedule of PIETA Sessions

“For where 2 or 3 are gathered in my name “ ~ Matthew 18:20


We invite bereaved parents to meet every 4th Tuesday of the month as companions on a journey.   

The sessions are held from 7.30pm to 9.00pm alternating between online and face to face sessions.  Please send us an email if you wish to join us - pieta.singapore@gmail.com - and we will send you a zoom link for the meeting, where appropriate.

For the Year 2022, the dates for sessions on Tuesdays are:

  • 28th June (Agape Village)

  • 26th July (Zoom)

  • 23rd August (Agape Village)

  • 27th September (Zoom)

  • 25th October (Agape Village)

  • 22nd November (Zoom)

  • 27th December (Agape Village)


Face to face sessions will be held at Agape Village at 7A Toa Payoh Lorong 8 (link).

Moved by the sharings

Moved by the Spirit

Touched by the words

Touched by the Spirit

Flamed by emotions

Flamed by the Spirit

PIETA Session Guidelines


  • We gather to bring mutual comfort and support to each other through our Catholic faith.

  • We invite everyone present to participate in as much or as little as they feel comfortable in doing;

  • We will respect and keep confidential everything shared in this space and will not repeat them anywhere;

  • We will be reverent during prayer and reflection;

  • We will take turns to share and be supportive during the sharing;

  • We can choose to speak, and choose to remain silent;

  • We each have the responsibility for making the session beneficial;

  • We begin and end our meetings on time.


Agape Village has issued detailed guidelines for face to face meetings to ensure safety of all attendees.  Your cooperation is required to observe these rules - See Link here


The key protocols to be observed are:

1.           All guests must register via Safe Entry and have their temperature taken at Level 1.

2.           Attendance of all guests will be taken at the event.

3.           Masks must be worn throughout the event/activity by all attendees.

4.           Maximum capacity of the specific facility must be adhered to and safe distancing of 1m apart between individuals


For the meeting to run effectively and in a supportive manner, we have set up some basic guidelines, in addition to our usual rules on respect, confidentiality etc:


Physical Space

  1. To ensure everyone's privacy, please use a "secure" and quiet space (eg enclosed room) to "dial in" so that we may focus on our session without interruption.

  2. We encourage you to use a desk/laptop as we will be sharing prayers on slides and your mobile phone might be limiting. 

  3. Use headphones or earphones for clearer reception.


On-line etiquette

  1. Turn on your camera so we can see you on-line - it is important to put a face to the voice to simulate some form of support for each other

  2. Do not record or take any screen shots of the session, to observe privacy rules

  3. Mute your device unless speaking - we will moderate the sequence of the speakers as best we can.

  4. When speaking, please speak slowly as some devices may lag and cause listening difficulties.

  5. If you need to leave the meeting, please inform us using the "chat" facility on the side.

  6. If you are dialing in from overseas, please check the time difference so that you will be able to join us on time.


2021 Pieta Retreat

2021 Retreat poster.png