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Help & Resources 

When a child dies, our world as we know is turned upside down.  It is natural to feel confusion, pain, hurt, regret, guilt, and more negative emotions which can overwhelm and dominate your life.  When you feel that your daily routine or general well-being is in jeopardy, please reach out for help.  Many of us who have experienced the loss of a loved one, especially a child, have found that seeking help is a healthy way grieving.  Reading up on grief support strategies or speaking to a friend or religious may be beneficial but sometimes enlisting the services of trained counsellors can accelerate the healing journey. 


Here are some resources which you may find useful.  Please explore these organisations to ensure that they fit what you need (in terms of social support and cost), and that you are comfortable with the personalities involved.  Call or meet if necessary and enquire about payment, although some may be heavily subsidized.. 



PIETA Singapore (Catholic-Christian faith based support group for parents)

email -

 - loss of a child (any age) by any circumstances, regardless of how recent or long ago.  Bereaved parents  of any religion are welcome.


Child Bereavement Support Singapore (CBSS)

 - loss of a child (any age) by any circumstances, regardless of how recent or long ago


Support for Infant & Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriages, Abortions)

Mindful Space – Support for pregnancy Loss


Rachel’s Vineyard (for abortions under any circumstances)


Support for Suicide Loss

Healing Hearts (for suicide-bereaved MOTHERS only)

Organised by The Therapy Room (Dr Geraldine Tan)                                                       

- 64678903 or WhatsApp 97273317


SOS' Healing Bridge and LOSS group (suicide loss)


GENERAL COUNSELLING SERVICES (fees or subsidies may apply)

Kingsmead Centre for Ignatian Spirituality and Counselling

Counselling sessions are by appointment. Email or call 6467 6072 (Office hours)


Good Shepherd Oasis (Retreat Centre)

For individual spiritual direction or silent retreats. Email:

Catholic Family Life Counselling Services 64880278 (office hours)


Morning Star Community Services 62851377 (office hours)


Wesley Counselling Services 68379214 (office hours)


Faith Methodist Church Counselling 64719420 (office hours)


Barker Road Methodist Church Counselling 6250-6787 (office hours)


Viriya Grief Support Programme 62868033 (office hours)


Viriya Counselling Helpline 62561311 (office hours)


Shan You Counselling 67419293 (office hours)


Brahm Centre Counselling

66550000 and 88230000 (WhatsApp available)


Care Corner Counselling Centre (Mandarin) 1800-353-5800 (office hours)


Metoyou Cyber Counselling 64450100 (office hours)


Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic (SBFC) 68413370 (Hotline)



There are many resources online for those who wish to understand their grief. Some links which we have found helpful, based on the Catholic-Christian faith are as follows:

Loyola Press : Grief Resources

Living & Healing with Grief (Waterloo Catholics)

St Jude Grief Support


The Child Bereavement Support Singapore , an independent peer-support group for bereaved parents, has assembled many books, articles which may be helpful to you. These may not be faith based but offer a comprehensive understanding of how to cope with grief and plan your way forward in living well again.

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