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Parent Share

Parents share their faith journey

Catholic200 SG (Video)

Gregory and Elizabeth Krygsman share their faith journey following the loss of their son, Andrew.  Together they drew strength from Mother Mary's example of trust and surrender to God, and together they prayed for the grace of humility so as to bring glory to God by witnessing to His infinite love.  

The Faith Perspective, by CatholicSG Radio, is a series of 4 interviews given by PIETA members on their encounter with God through their darkest days of child loss. They share openly and honestly their deepest feelings and their desperation to hold on to the promise that they will one day see their children again. 


Other programmes on CatholicSG Radio.

The Faith Perspective (Podcasts)

1. Loss of a Child - Gerard & Valerie Lee

2. Keeping the faith through a child's illness - Agnes T Tan

3. Marriage after child-loss - Greg & Liz Krygsman

4. Supporting the bereaved - Sr Elizabeth Lim & Audrey Kuang

Finding Peace (Video)

A moving and honest sharing of a mother's love as she walks with her daughter through her illness and final farewell.  Agnes T Tan shows her steadfast faith, and together with Isabelle her daughter, they unite to witness God's infinite mercy and love.  

Poems and Reflections contributed by Parents 

Often in our grieving, God's gentle whispers find shape in our hearts and transform to loving words on paper.  Sharing these often bring comfort and consolation.  Please email us at if you wish to send in your poems/reflections.

When grief and bereavement meet spirituality,
sadness and darkness

meet the Light.

When the laboured and wearied melt in distress, 
the gentle and humble

melt in His rest.


When load and burden mount  the shoulder, 
easy, light weight mount

the beholder.


If we but come to Christ.

~ written and shared by a parent, 2020

Parent's Poems

~ written and

shared by a parent, 2022

Poem Kah Im Apr 2022.jpeg
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